Burglaries not only affect current inventory; they can also cause your business to close for an investigation or repairs, not to mention the emotional affects a robbery can have on you and your employees.

Have peace of mind with an ADT Burglar Alarm.


Honeywell VISTA Alarm Systems

The solid and robust burglar alarm control panels of Honeywell VISTA have proven their durability among our customers. Many of the installations we’ve done 15 or more years ago are still up and running.

The VISTA alarm panel range allows us to customize the alarm system to the needs and size of your business and budget. Give us a call and we’ll gladly visit your location for a tailored quote!

Small Businesses

ADT US Virgin Islands and St Maarten cater to many small and medium businesses. We regularly have an attractive burglar alarm package deal available for you!

Large Building?

From large warehouses to multi-floor buildings, ADT can provide a burglar alarm that protects all possible entries including your roof or a wall shared with a vacant property.

Multiple Locations?

ADT takes pride in securing your business. And as your business grows, ADT’s burglar alarms can easily expand along: start with a basic burglar alarm for your one-man shop, and have us upgrade your system as you grow into a multi-level store or expand into multiple locations over the island(s).

Jewelers and Banks

High-value retail and high-risk assets need extra protection and require specific burglar alarm equipment. Not only to protect you and the contents of your business, but also to meet your insurance company’s requirements.

Outdoor Protection

For construction companies, car rental companies, marinas, and other businesses where most of the assets are out in the open, ADT offers several outdoor intruder alarm solutions. For example photo-electric detection beams, outdoor motion sensors, and fence alarm systems.

Total Connect App

ADT’s alarm systems can be managed remotely via the Total Connect app and your internet enabled alarm control panel. This app provides online access to your business’ burglar alarm via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.


Installing an alarm system is only half the job. Just as important is what happens when we’ve activated your alarm. ADT provides 24/7 response and support. So we’re there even if you’re not!


Once the alarm is confirmed the relevant service will be dispatched: Police for intrusion alarms and the Fire Department for smoke alarms.


Our security experts are waiting and prepared for any eventuality. ​24/7 means we’re never off duty, also not during lockdowns, pandemics, and hurricanes. ADT is always there.

ADT is essential in keeping homes and businesses safe!

Other Alerts

Not only do we receive alarm signals from the security systems at our customers, also when the system is experiencing trouble or low batteries ADT will be notified. We’ll contact you, to arrange a service visit for example.

All is in place to make sure your business has an uninterrupted and working alarm system at all times!

Panic Alarm

A Panic button offers peace of mind and a quick and easy way to get help during an emergency. ADT can easily add a panic alarm button to your existing ADT Burglar Alarm system.

Panic buttons are typically placed under the counter or desk close to the cash register, and one or several managers might walk around with a panic button in their pocket.

Foot rails can also be installed to activate the panic alarm by feet rather than hands, this is especially safe when an intruder can see your employee’s hands but not their feet due to a counter separating the two.

ADT VI and ADT SXM are local companies and serve both residential and commercial customers.

Our Service Areas Include:

  • St. Thomas
  • St. Croix
  • St. John
  • St. Maarten

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***ADT VI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer excellent benefits including a 401k, both paid and unpaid vacation, and sick leave. Please contact us for our available positions.***

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    ***ADT VI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We offer excellent benefits including a 401k, both paid and unpaid vacation, and sick leave. Please contact us for our available positions.***